Fort d’une expérience de 25 ans en marketing BtoB, notamment en location et vente de fichiers, en traitement de données Clients et Prospects, nous conseillons et accompagnons les entreprises dans la mise en œuvre de leurs campagnes.
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Do not neglect postal campaigns

Do not neglect postal campaigns

You have a prospect or customers file but poorly informed in email which prevents you from communicating on a regular basis with them.

Thanks to the unique key that the Siret represents, we confront your file to partner sources and enrich it with identified emails.

What are the benefits?

Email appending in this way is much more economical to obtain qualified data than through a telephone qualification campaign.

This also allows you to develop a multi channel prospecting strategy.

You can thus inform and retain your prospects by using several media that will strengthen your presence.

On the other hand, the realisation of this type of service cannot be improvised and it is important to entrust it to reliable and experienced partners because it requires very precise rules.

With more than 25 years of expertise in the B2B Data , entrust your projects to us by following the link.