Fort d’une expérience de 25 ans en marketing BtoB, notamment en location et vente de fichiers, en traitement de données Clients et Prospects, nous conseillons et accompagnons les entreprises dans la mise en œuvre de leurs campagnes.
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Develop your BtoB prospecting strategy

A B2B data broker and customer knowledge expert, DBI puts its know-how at your service to develop prospecting strategies in France and internationally.

For effective campaign results, we put at your service the rental and the sale of data files.

Whatever the prospective solution (e-mailing, mailing, phoning), we assist you in the steps of defining and implementing a successful B2B prospecting strategy, consistent with your development objectives.

Did you know ?

The most important step in developing a BtoB prospecting strategy is knowing your target audience. How to know your BtoB prospects? By setting up  targeting actions carried out in support of qualified and up-to-date BtoB client files. Targeting will allow you to segment your future clientele according to a typical profile, and to optimize your prospecting campaigns.

With you from A to Z

The DBI team advises you and assists you in the development and operational implementation of your BtoB prospection strategy, in France and internationally.
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