Fort d’une expérience de 25 ans en marketing BtoB, notamment en location et vente de fichiers, en traitement de données Clients et Prospects, nous conseillons et accompagnons les entreprises dans la mise en œuvre de leurs campagnes.
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DBI by your side to process your data

With over 25 years of expertise in BtoB data and customer knowledge, DBI accompanies you in every step of the development and deployment of your BtoB marketing strategy. The goal? Improve your customer knowledge and optimise your targeting in order to streamline your investments in data files. This is materialised by the following actions:

  • Audit

We realise an inventory of your client file. This audit identifies duplicates, companies that have moved, companies that have been terminated, and the rate of “siretisation” that we are likely to obtain. 

  • Recommendation

Based on the findings of the inventory, we develop a recommendation on the audit of your customer file. It shall, where appropriate, be on a “sirétisation” which will enrich your file with the following information: NAF code, employee band, Headquarters or branches, Turnover, name of decision makers or its confrontation with other market databases according to the data you wish to obtain (cf: email).

  • Action

Once the analysis of our market has been completed, we assist you in the operational implementation of your BtoB marketing campaigns in order to maximise their value:

mailing, emailing or telemarketing. In every step of this action plan, we offer you the benefit of our expertise, with the support of specialised technical partners.

Did you know ?

How to isolate the best prospects within a population of 200 000 companies? How to maximize your prospecting when you have to work your entire market?

In the first case, you are in a targeting logic; In the second case, in a coverage logic. In both cases, scoring can help optimise your campaign.

With you from A to Z

B2B data broker and direct marketing expert, DBI advises and manages your data Quality projects.
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