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fichier par du mailing postal

Do you want to enhance your business and create a privileged link with your prospects? Exploit the added value of the paper, which will allow you to leave a lasting imprint on the desk of your future customers. With the mailing, touch the heart of your audience according to your objectives on your customers loyalty development, prospecting, conversion and acquisition.

More than ever, the mailing has all its reason to be in your prospecting strategy on some of your targets. Not only does it leave a physical footprint but its rarity allows you to be highly distinctive against your competitors.

For a successful mailing, address processing is a prerequisite. This involves buying or renting qualified and up to date files, defaulting using your own client file.

Did you know ?

Each step of the mailing campaign must be carefully planned.
The performance of your campaigns depends on it.
Do you know the 3 main steps of effective mailing? It’s about :

  • Targeting;
  • Writing the contents of the mail
  • The choice of medium that will convey your image and create an emotion.

With you from A to Z

Expert in direct marketing, our team advises you and accompanies you at every step of your mailing campaigns.

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