The Added Value of French BtoB List broker

The broker is an intermediary between the owners/producers and end users of databases.

You can trust the experts at DBI to find the right lists for your Direct Mail campaign .

Real information center, DBI has a very big knowledge of the whole French market of the address and is permanently in search of new databases to be marketed.

With over twenty three years of list expertise, we know what it takes to find the right prospects for your campaign and our network of contacts and relationships enables us to find highly responsive mailing lists suited to your campaign.

Contrary to the producing owner who has all his legitimacy but who recommends only his file, DBI also proposes you databases called "niche" or "behavioral" not always known on the market but in adequacy with your prospecting targets.

We do not propose volume for volume but above all predefined targets according to your criteria.

Our expertise is to guide you in your targeting basis for any prospecting process.

It is better to work on databases whose potential is not always consistent but that match to your core activities rather on databases whose potential is not always consistent but that match to your core activities rather than being in search of important potential that are not necessarily available according to your criteria.

Real benefits of working with a broker in French  BtoB files.


Our sales team will "discharge" you of all the logistics of research, analysis, order, reception and delivery of databases.

You address youself to a single interlocutor who takes care of all files research. A considerable saving of time when we have difficulty absorbing all the workload in a week.The independance of the broker: we defend the interests of the two parties (you, client on one side, and owner on the other side).

This objectivity ensures the quality of the provided databases since there no no other interest than to deliver you databases in adequacy to your target, strategy and your budget.

Finally, a recommendation of treatment of your files may be made in order to have a better understanding of your customers and thereby prospecting doppleganger clients. Please have a look at our Customer Knowledge page for more information on this subject.

On the other hand, it is important that you take time to explain to us in detail your products and services, your commercial organisation, your needs and your objectives to allow us to direct at best our researches and to realise our recommendations.

Please contact us on 00 33 (1) 55 58 00 11 to discuss together about your development plans in France.

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