Beyond the selection of mailing lists adapted to your needs to develop your commercial activity via multi channel actions, the customer knowledge is essential to optimise it. 

The commercial organisation of a company passes by the definition of the targets of prospecting but before that, by the precise knowledge of your own clientele. 

DBI allows you to analyse your customers to determine the profile of the best of them and to detect the prospects who present the same characteristics. 

France has more than 5,6 million active establishments. 

How to isolate the best prospects in a population of 200 000 businesses? How to optimise your prospecting when you have to work your entire market? In the first case, you are in a logic of targeting, in the second, in a logic of coverage. In both cases, the scoring can help optimise your campaign and the brought efficiency can contribute to lower your costs significantly. - Reduction of the number of addresses leased or purchased

- Reduction of the number of printed documents

- Reduction of postal charges 

- Acceleration of growth  Finally, by identifying new customers with strong potential, you can implement a trade policy in line with the profile of the clientele. 

Customer Knowledge: By appending your client file in SIRET (unique ID number of each French company) via regular actions or automatically via our webservices platform, you will get all chances to be closer to your customers. 

Prospecting new customers: The prospecting should be the heart of your business development projects, and requires regular investment in the files and the processing of your database. 

Emailing: Emailing done on qualified files and receptive readers is a formidable weapon. It is an additional fast and effective media of your traditional communication that is the mailing and the faxing. It requires on the other hand to canvass in a regular way. It is short-lived media, used in an important way by the announcers. 

Telemarketing: it is a strategic communication tool, which uses the telephone to inform, maintain commercial relationship with your prospects or customers.

Postal Mailing: The mailing or direct-maili is used to send advertising messages about products or services, invitations to events or seminars, sales proposals on a wide target customers and prospects. 

Creating HTML pages: We always insist that prospecting cannot be improvised and that a personalised support via an expert in files and  customer knowledge is essential. It is the same in creating html page. It is a constantly changing complex language that should never be neglected so as to optimise the deliverability of your messages. 

Email Broadcast. 


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