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"The site that will show you round France."

Any company interested in exporting, or setting up business in another country, needs a good understanding of the way that country works. That is why we created

Each market has its special features and you can benefit from our experience. The business structure differs from one country to another. Mentalities differ too, so prospecting new customers is not done in the same way in Germany, Sweden, Italy and the United States.

We want to share our knowledge of the French market with you. To show you how its activities are structured, how companies are distributed in terms of number of employees, etc. presents business-to-business lists available on the French market. There are hundreds of B-to-B lists in France so we cannot present them all. If you have a specific need, just click on CONTACT US and ask.

We can supply any type of business address, from either compilation or behaviour files.

Our priority is understanding your needs in order to help you prospect the French market efficiently. We aim to be the link between our clients and the owners of French databases.

If you wish to view the French business activities classification, the NAF (French business codes, the equivalent of SIC or NACE codes) is available there : NAF Codes.


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